We partner with the City of Hartford, Town of East Hartford and The Metropolitan District (MDC) to support and manage the four Riverfront parks.

The innovative management plan for the Riverfront parks is nationally recognized as a model for urban parks. The plan created a unique partnership among the two municipalities (the City of Hartford and the Town of East Hartford), the regional water and sewer authority (the Metropolitan District) and a nonprofit organization (Riverfront Recapture). The partnership was created to protect the significant investment made in creating the parks and to fulfill their potential as priceless regional assets.

City of Hartford and Town of East Hartford

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Our important relationship with the municipalities of Hartford and East Hartford defines each partner’s responsibilities to the parks, from daily services to long-term development.

The municipalities provide emergency services such as police and fire and marine patrols, electric and water service to the parks, and insurance. They waive all permit fees for our events, programs and construction projects; allow us to retain fees collected through vendor contracts; and make an annual contribution to Riverfront Recapture’s operating budget.

Metropolitan District (MDC)

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The MDC, which provides water and sewer services to Hartford and seven surrounding communities,  provides funding for a park rangers program that Riverfront Recapture administers. The MDC uses its own personnel and equipment to provide day-to-day park maintenance, supplemented by hundreds of volunteers who come into the parks for clean-ups and other service projects.

With its proven track record of providing outstanding levels of maintenance and park ranger services at its suburban reservoirs, and its commitment to improving water quality in the Connecticut River, the MDC was a natural management partner for the Riverfront parks.


In return, Riverfront Recapture develops programming for all recreational activities and events, provides oversight of daily park operations and ranger services and secures sponsorship for programs and activities in the parks.