Alert Message - All parks are currently closed.  

When Riverfront Recapture was created in 1981, the founders envisioned the organization as an advocacy group that would build support for a revitalized Riverfront that some other entity would build and maintain. When no other entity stepped forward to keep momentum building on the Riverfront, Riverfront Recapture took on management and programming responsibility for the completed parks, and we continue to plan for additional enhancements.  

It has become clear that the Riverfront will never be “done.”  Remaining true to our roots, we continue efforts to make additional portions of the Riverfront accessible to the public.
The completed sections of the Riverfront have whetted park visitors’ appetite for even more improvements. We’re hearing from Windsor and Wethersfield that they’d like to be connected to our Riverfront. Goodwin College hopes to have a riverwalk connection to East Hartford’s Great River Park, where a bikeway will eventually connect to the football stadium and other developments at Rentschler Field.

We’d like to install decorative lighting on the three bridges in the park system, starting with the historic Bulkeley Bridge’s monumental granite arches. Art lovers tell us they’d like to see more sculpture in the parks, and rowers would like expanded facilities. We want to build on our existing programming for young people, especially urban youths, to give more boys and girls opportunities to sample new experiences in a magnificent natural setting.

We also want to work with the Metropolitan District (MDC) as it moves forward with its ambitious Clean Water Project that will build on the MDC’s efforts of the last 25 years to give us a clean and healthy river that the people of this region can use for recreation.

And we recognize that 10 years from now, Riverfront planners will be talking about ideas that we haven’t even thought of yet. The possibilities are limitless.