Riverwalk South and Gateway Project

The long-awaited Riverwalk connection between the downtown Hartford Riverfront and Charter Oak Landing will include a new entrance to the Riverfront that will reunite the Colt Armory complex with the river. The new gateway will feature an opening in the dike wall for direct access to the river from the Coltsville neighborhood, and a gate structure that will close when the river floods. The project involves very complicated engineering and we expect the project’s permitting approval process to take as much as three years after design work is completed.

Significant funding needs to be raised for the remaining design and permitting work, as well as construction; the total project cost is estimated at $25 million. We are currently seeking funds for the design and permitting costs as well as for making some temporary improvements to the site, including grading and paving the uneven gravel path that now exists between the two sections of the Riverfront.

The finished 3800’-long riverwalk will complete a three-mile loop of riverwalks, on both banks of the river, between the Charter Oak and Founders bridges. The paved, lighted riverwalk will vary in width from 12 feet to 18 feet to accommodate various user groups and service vehicles. Landscaping along the walkway will complement the natural beauty of the river. 

View a map of Riverwalk South and the Riverfront Gateway.