June 26, July 31 & August 28 | 12:30 pm
Mortensen Riverfront Plaza, Hartford

What Would Have Happened? An Hour of Entertainment by Actor and Magician Blaise Serra 

Blaise Serra is an actor and magician with an original perspective on magic. Every show he performs is a never before seen experience that heavily involves his audience members, which makes his illusions even more unbelievable. His magic takes place in the most impossible location, within your hands! Even those spectators that are not brought up to the stage as volunteers are an important part of, and directly impact, the show due to Blaise's unprecedented combination of magic and mind-reading. Blaise has performed for numerous film, television, and Broadway celebrities and has made a name for himself in the magic community due to his unique and difficult style of sleight of hand which allows him to perform feats never attempted by other illusionists. Every show is shaped by those in the audience, which will leave everyone wondering afterwards, "What if I had thought of something else? What if I had changed my mind? What if he had chosen someone else? What Would Have Happened?"