As John F. Kennedy frequently said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

We relate to JFK’s statement in several ways:

  • With our parks along the Connecticut River, we experience the tide daily as well as seasonal floods…
  • Year-end funding is essential to meeting Riverfront’s needs in supporting our 2014 activities…
  • We’d love to see a flood – or rising tide – of contributions in December.

How can I make a difference?

Make a direct contribution.

Take advantage of the high stock market and make a year-end contribution to Riverfront.

How do I benefit from a year-end donation?

  • a charitable tax deduction if your gift or stock is received by 12/31
  • you will know that YOU made a big difference to the community as nearly 900,000 people visited Riverfront parks in 2014
    • enjoying the great outdoors for relaxation and recreation;
    • reveling in the music, dance, and food of many cultures during our festivals;
    • and delighting in the competition of dragon boats, rowing regattas, and field sports.

How do I do it?


The stock gift process is simple; you will need to give the following Riverfront account information to your broker:

Brokerage firm:   Pershing, LLC, One Pershing Plaza, Jersey City, NJ 03799
DTC number:   0443
Institution id:   94109
For credit to:   Riverfront Recapture, Inc.
Account Number:  6BF003743

Call  860-713-3131 x326 or email Debbie Baker, Director of Development, to let her know the type of stock and approximate value to share with Riverfront’s stockbroker so that we can match the donor to the contribution.

Thank you for adding your year-end support to Riverfront – making possible all of our 2014 season events, programs, and of course, our beautiful parks.