One of the most important ways Riverfront Recapture serves our community is by making the Riverfront Parks available for events and group activities. Our job is to provide you with a safe and well-maintained venue while ensuring all local and state laws and ordinances are followed. We are committed to making this process simple and easy so you have the best experience possible.

We generally host 6 different types of events and activities in the Riverfront parks. To proceed with making arrangements you will first need to determine which of the following descriptions best fits your event or activity, and then follow the instructions that follow for the type of activity you choose.

Private events or activity in the Riverfront Parks with no contracted services

These are typically picnics or general gatherings that do not involve reserving a space or hiring any contracted services.

  • No reservations or special permission is required. Space is available on a first-come, first served basis. Please read our park rules and regulations for Hartford and East Hartford.
  • If your event will have more than 100 people in attendance, please contact our Director of Events at 860.713.3131 ext. 329 

Private event in the Riverfront Boathouse

You wish to rent the Riverfront Boathouse or adjacent patios for your private event (ie. wedding reception, ceremony, meetings, conference, banquet, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday party, showers).. 

Private event or activity in the Riverfront Parks with contracted services

Your event is not open to the general public, you wish to reserve a specific space in the parks, and there may be contracted services (i.e. caterer, rental items, entertainer, etc.) in conjunction with your event.

To inquire about a private event, please send us an email


All requests for public events must be reveived by Riverfront Recapture with a completed Special Events Permit (Hartford) or Amusement Permit (East Hartford) Application no later than April 1st for the upcoming season.


Public Events

Your event will be open to the public (ie. festivals, concerts, performances, sports competitions).

  • Review our Public Event Policies.
  • Contact our Director of Events via email or phone at (860) 713-3131 ext. 329.

Charity walks, runs, rides

You event or activity is an organized fundraiser

  • Review our Public Event Policies.
  • Contact our Director of Events via email or phone at (860) 713-3131 ext. 329.

Organized recreation

You wish to reserve a field or space for an organized recreational activity (softball, volleyball, football, soccer).

  • Contact our Assistant Director of Community Relations & Park Operations via email or phone at (860) 713-3131 ext. 325.