The mission of the Riverfront Rangers is "to provide to all users and visitors of the Riverfront Park System an informative, secure and tranquil environment." Rangers provide information to park visitors, assuring that park rules are followed and that the park is well kept and orderly. Their presence provides a sense of security for park visitors and patrons. They welcome visitors to the Riverfront, answer questions and advise everyone about park rules. They’re the Riverfront Rangers— our parks’ goodwill ambassadors.

Riverfront Rangers logoWith their colorful yellow uniforms and friendly manners, the Rangers are a visible, reassuring presence in the Riverfront parks. Acting as the eyes and ears of the park system, the Rangers move through the parks on foot, bikes, trucks or all-terrain vehicles, and carry radios to contact police, should a need arise. They also run the operation of the park boat launches, ensuring all boats and operators are in compliance with basic boating regulations. They’re not law enforcement, but their presence helps eliminate the need to call for a police officer.

The Rangers care for the park as they would care for their own property and treat visitors as they would want to be treated visiting an unfamiliar location. With the assistance of the area policing agencies they are striving to make this Park System the safest, cleanest and most enjoyable in the region.