Whether exercising on your lunch break or taking the family for a stroll, our riverwalks offer peaceful, scenic and invigorating experiences. Walk, run or bike our paved and lighted riverwalks; the choice is yours. They’re open all day* and are a perfect backdrop for any outing. Use our Riverwalk map as your guide, or just follow the paths detailed below.

Great River Park, East Hartford

Distance: 2.8 mile loop
Approximate walking time: 50 minutes
From the parking lot, proceed in either direction along the river. Walk south to the Hockanum River and return for a one-mile walk or continue north to the Bulkeley Bridge and return for the full 2.8 mile walk.

Mortensen Riverfront Plaza to Riverside Park’s Boathouse, Hartford

Distance: 1.6 mile loop
Approximate walking time: 30 minutes
Proceed from Mortensen Riverfront Plaza down the terrace stairs, turn left and follow the walkway along the river, passing under a stone arch of the historic Bulkeley Bridge and into Riverside Park, home of the Riverfront Boathouse. Once you reach the Riverfront Boathouse, simply reverse direction and return to downtown Hartford.

Mortensen Riverfront Plaza to Great River Park’s Hockanum River, Hartford and East Hartford

Distance: 3.2 mile loop
Approximate walking time: 60 minutes
Depart from the upper level of the Mortensen Riverfront Plaza and head across the Founders Bridge Promenade to East Hartford. Use the handicapped ramp or descend the stairs to East River Drive and turn left under the highway bridge and then left again up the walkway ramp into the north section of Great River Park. Once you reach the stone-arched Bulkeley Bridge (I-84), turn around and follow the path down to the river, under the Founders Bridge and past the boat ramp and amphitheater. Follow the walkway through the flood plain to the Hockanum River confluence. Once you reach the Hockanum River, reverse direction and return to Mortensen Riverfront Plaza and downtown Hartford.

Charter Oak Landing to Great River Park’s Amphitheater, Hartford and East Hartford

Distance: 2 Mile loop
Approximate walking time: 40 minutes
From Charter Oak Landing’s parking areas, follow the walkways to either the stair tower or pedestrian ramp on the Charter Oak Bridge and cross the river into East Hartford. Once back on land, descend the stairs to the floodplain and follow the walkway over the Hockanum River and continue through the forest to Great River Park’s amphitheater and main entrance. To return to Charter Oak Landing, simply reverse the directions.

*The parks are closed to vehicle traffic from dusk until dawn and intermittently during the winter for snow removal.