Riverfront Outdoors is a social enterprise program designed to multiply the ways people and groups connect with the Connecticut River. Discover something new with us!

Programs for Individuals
Programs for individuals will include hikes, bird watching, kayaking, canoeing, and more. View current programs and register here

Programs for Groups
Programs for groups can be customized to meet the needs, skills, and budget. Contact Tory by email or at (860) 713-3131 ext. 323 to create a custom package, or to schedule one of the options below. 

Wellness in Nature Package, Groups of 6 - 10
4 hours, $56 per person, includes lunch
Start the day with a Mindful Hike that will focus on guided breathing, connecting to the five senses, and being present. This one-hour hike will be guided by a naturalist who will point out plants, trees, and wildlife along the way. Afterward, pair up for an guided canoe trip on the Connecticut River with a guide who will go over all the safety and techniques that you need to know. End the day with a healthy lunch in the park.

Seek & Find Package, Groups of 6 - 10
4 hours, $47 per person, includes lunch
Learn the basics of orienteering and put them to practice on a Map & Compass Scavenger Hunt through the park. Afterwards, get acquainted with a pair of binoculars and head out on a guided hike to an eagle’s nest, looking at different birds and wildlife along the way. Finish the outing with a picnic lunch in the park.

Skyline Canoe Tour, Groups of 6 - 10
2 hours, $18 per person, includes canoe & PFD
Review the basics of canoe safety on land before heading out on to Connecticut River for a guided paddle and the best views of Hartford’s skyline. All participants must know how to swim.

Guided Hikes, Groups of 6 - 20

  • Hike through History, 2 hours, $14 per person
    Go over the river, through the woods, and back in time as you learn the history, and mysteries of the Connecticut River.
  • Birding Basics, 2 hours, $14 per person
    Have you ever seen a bird and asked yourself, “What is that?” Find the answer to that question and more while learning the basics of bird identification and binoculars while hiking and looking for eagles, red-tailed hawks, kingfishers, sparrows, and more. Binoculars provided.
  • Mindful Hike, 2 hours, $14 per person
    Leave your phone and the distractions of daily life behind on this quiet, meditative hike where you’ll tap into all five senses and foster a stronger connection with the natural world.
  • Hoppy Hike, 2 hours, $25 per person
    Take a one-hour guided hike on a beautiful wooded path along the Connecticut River, followed by a flight of Hanging Hills beer on the boathouse porch.

Questions? Contact Tory by email or at (860) 713-3131 ext. 323.

Proceeds from these programs will be used to further our mission: to connect people with the Connecticut River