Frequently Asked Questions

1)      What kind of program are you?

We are a traditional experiential education/adventure program using experiential tools. We provide opportunities for learning, growth and challenge for all populations through the proven methods of sequencing, reflection, and professional facilitation.


2)      What is experiential education?

Tell me and I will forget.  Show me and I may remember.  Involve me and I will understand.  ~Chinese Proverb

“The emphasis for learning is placed on experiencing the learning, actively reflecting upon and processing that new knowledge, and then applying that knowledge to new experiences. This approach increases the retention from the 10% retention of the spoken word to more like 75% retention from an interactive experience.”


3)      What is special about Riverfront Adventure programs?

Programs are designed to meet the needs and goals of your particular group. Plus, we are the only program in the area to offer Dragon Boating as an experiential education option.


4)      Does it really work? Are there really results at the end of the day?

Here are some testimonials from past clients: A Travelers client offered their thanks by sharing their program “was a tremendous success and the team found it very beneficial and fun! It will be hard to top!!” A University of Hartford Nursing professor brings her students to take them out of their comfort zone, out of their “routine.” Students’ journal entries after a day on our ropes course elaborate on its personal & professional impacts: “emerged as a better team player…. someday, I will come across someone who will be facing my same fear - I can encourage strength as it was given to me…. I can work with people I do not know…. feel ready for any challenges I may face.” Teachers and counselors of youth programs have noticed an immediate difference in many of the participants, both socially and academically.


5)      Where are you located?

Riverfront Adventure is located in the City of Hartford’s Riverside Park, 20 Leibert Road in a beautiful, unique, picturesque setting alongside the Connecticut River.


6)      When are you open?

Our course is open year-round, seven days a week, from an hour after sunrise until an hour before sunset. Of course, spring, summer & fall are our busiest times of the year. Dragon Boating is dependent on river conditions and generally runs from the first week of June through the end of October.


7)      Who do we serve?

Youth, school groups, adults, corporations and almost any population can all benefit from Riverfront Adventure programs.


8)      What’s the smallest size and largest size group that you manage?

                       We have had groups as small as six!
                       We can accommodate up to 160 participants.


9)      What do Riverfront Adventure programs consist of?

Depending on your goals and objectives, your program could consist of:

Icebreakers & Cooperative Games

Group Initiatives

Low Challenge Course Elements

High Challenge Course Elements

Dragon Boats


10)   How much time is needed for a program?

Times can vary. Programs can be a one day program of 2-8 hours or up to several weeks in length. Time really depends on goals, objectives, and individual budgets.


11)   What is special about Riverfront Adventure facilitators?

They are truly professionals in the field of experiential education.


12)   What guidelines or standards do you follow?

Safety is our #1 priority. We follow the ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) standards, and we are fully insured. Our course is inspected annually by an external professional and meticulously maintained throughout the year. Our facilitators are all experienced and trained adventure educators.


13)   How is pricing determined?

Pricing is determined by four factors. Prices vary according to length of program, number of participants, design/components, and staffing requirements for a given design.


14)   What are methods of payment?

We accept all forms of payment: major credit cards, checks, purchase orders, money orders, bank checks and cash.


15)   Do you offer any ad-ons?

We offer a deli lunch that could be purchased and served before, during or after your program. Picnic tables and grills are available in the park on a first come basis free of charge before or after a program.


16)   What if my numbers change after the Contract is signed?

With regard to changing the number of participants after a contract has been finalized, we would need two weeks advance notice in order to make changes to our staff numbers and your costs. A revised contract would be written up to reflect the pricing adjustments.


17)   What if poor weather is forecast on a scheduled program date?

Riverfront Adventure is a rain or shine activity. We will not cancel a program due to weather unless, in our judgment, conditions are unsafe. Your decision to not participate in Riverfront Adventure does not release you from your obligation to pay the full amount for services contracted under the terms of the agreement.