Alert Message - Indoor Training Classes Will Begin Week Of 11/18  


Riverfront Recapture’s Community Rowing Program began more than 20 years ago with two borrowed training singles. Riverfront staff and volunteer coaches brought the trainers into city high school pools to expose and attract urban students to rowing. In the early 1990’s, Riverfront received a grant to purchase two eights to start a high school program. Since the equipment lay idle in the morning and evening, adult classes were soon offered before and after work. The equipment was housed in steel shipping containers and there was no electricity or running water in the park. A port-a-john was the only “amenity.”

Until 2001, this was our "boathouse"

Old Riverfront Recapture boathouse

In 2002, after 13 years of working with city, state and federal agencies, planning, fundraising and construction of the $3.6 million Riverfront Boathouse was completed.

Our current boathouse:

New Riverfront Recapture boathouse